Hi Maryline! I’ve been wanting to say hello for a while but kept getting distracted. I’m back at work now and have finally got the art being a working mum sorted:-) I just wanted to say a belated thank you for your support both pre and post baby Max. You and your classes have been a tremendous source of calm, common sense and of course, fun. I am so grateful I met you – and through you many of my mum-friends. I can’t imagine having gone through this without you! Thank you so much – you do a very important job and have had hugely positive influence on the lives of many mums in Manchester. Keep it up! X

Lexi, Mum & Baby Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga – Manchester

Your classes prepared me to cope at home for longer during labour. My husband Jason also remembered the techniques you taught us in the preparation for birth class we did and was a brilliant birth partner. Thank you so much for your help, your classes gave me the confidence to cope and trust my body.

Kay, Pregnancy Yoga and Couple’s Birth Preparation class

It was really helpful to have the opportunity to share what I’ve been learning over the last few months with Will. It was a lovely atmosphere and a practical, straight forward guide through the journey of labour. Maryline gave us just the right amount of information, a variety of ideas and approaches but not an overload of options. We look forward to feeding back on how it goes!

Sonja, Couple’s Birth Preparation class – Manchester

As a first time mother, I was very nervous about pregnancy. But taking time out each week to do yoga has given me the space and support to prepare for labour. I now feel like I am approaching labour with confidence and I have skills to draw on. The yoga practices are intuitive to the body and it is something I hope to develop beyond pregnancy and build into my life.

Sonja, Pregnancy Yoga – Manchester

Thank you so much for the Birth Preparation session! Phillip and I both found it extremely useful and very practical advice and our only hope is that we remember it all!! Phillip found it particularly useful and I think he now feels he can be an active member during the process rather than an observer so thanks again! We hope to be sending you some photographs of us as a threesome very soon!

Rachel, Couple’s Birth Preparation class – Manchester

A fabulous class that kept me active and in touch with my body throughout my pregnancy. Maryline’s calm and nurturing approach and her flexibility to adapt the class to our specific needs made every session extremely worthwhile. All the tips and techniques for dealing with labour were very helpful and enabled me to feel that I had the ability to cope when it came to the big day.

Lucy, Pregnancy Yoga – Manchester

Both my partner and I really valued this session as preparation for going through the experience of labour together. For me it brought together lots of tips from Maryline’s weekly antenatal class and helped fit them together into a plan for how to cope with labour. For my partner it helped him to make sense of some of my birth plan, understand how he could support me in the techniques I planned to use and generally get a bit more insight into what I was going to be experiencing. As ever, Maryline’s supportive and encouraging style made the class a wonderful experience.

Lucy, Couple’s Birth Preparation class – Northwich

This brilliant class has been a great reason to get out of the house for a little bit of ‘me’ time since my baby was born. The yoga practice has helped me regain my pre-pregnancy fitness, re-connect with a somewhat changed body and deal with all the little aches and strains baby-care can bring. Equally importantly, Maryline’s thoughtful teaching also focused on our spiritual and emotional needs as new mums and helped us find an oasis of calm in the hectic life of new-parenthood.

Lucy, Post-natal Yoga – Knustford

Maryline is so supportive and hopefully I’ll be able to attend her classes once the baby has arrived.

Claire, Private Pregnancy Yoga – Davenham

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed practicing Yoga with you and will miss our sessions, but would like to thank you for all of your help. I’m sure the only reason my pelvis and back have coped so well is because of the Yoga, so thanks!

Claire, Private Pregnancy Yoga – Delamere

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the birth. Your birth prep course was invaluable to help us work together and Tom hasn’t stopped talking about how much he enjoyed the birth as he had such a hands on role. So thank you!

I have already recommended your yoga & birthing prep course to several people. We couldn’t have done it the way we wanted without it.

Kate, Couple’s Birth Preparation class – Knutsford

Hi Maryline, … I really don’t think it would have been the positive experience it was without you, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you, for taking me from terrified about everything to do with pregnancy, to in control, positive and excited about our birth.

Rhiannon, Pregnancy Yoga + One to One Birth Prep class – Northwich

You have been a wonderful support to our whole family. Thank you for bringing patience, humor, caring, understanding and alternate options to our new post-baby lives.

Jen & Theo, Couple’s Birth Prep + Mum / Dad & Baby Yoga – Montreal

Thank you so much for all the fun times at yoga class. Louisa and I had such a good time and learnt so many ways of having fun exercising and singing together.

Kristin, Mum & Baby Yoga – Montreal Canada

My husband and I attended one of Maryline’s Birth Prep classes before the birth of our second child. Having given birth once before, I was keen for this second time to be different to the first and wanted to have more control and remain as active as possible throughout. Maryline’s class and weekly yoga sessions taught me many different positions and breathing techniques that supported an active and calm labour and fortunately I was able to use them this time and had the labour I had really hoped for! The pack provided for us was full of useful information that backed up what we had been taught and went through the stages of labour in detail and I found this very useful. The whole experience was very very useful and I would definitely recommend it to others.
I would say the length of the class was good and wouldn’t need to be any longer. It was good value for money at £55.

Stephanie, Couple’s Birth Preparation and Pregnancy Yoga – Knutsford

I won’t be able to make the session today – I will be having mummy-baby cuddles : ))
Amelie was born yesterday at 4.45pm. Natural birth and mostly easy/straightforward. Woke up to waters breaking yesterday at 6.45am and everything got going quickly after that. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my pool and was strapped up to monitors the whole time as she’d had a naughty poo so they had to keep an eye on her, but was able to sway and twist pelvis and do my breathing of course : )
I really don’t think it would have been the positive experience it was without you, and i just wanted to say a huge thank you, for taking me from terrified about everything to do with pregnancy, to in control, positive and excited about our birth.
Thank you so very much, can’t wait for baby yoga!! xxx

Rhiannon, Birth Preparation class and Pregnancy Yoga – Knutsford

Maryline, thank you so much for everything you do to bring calm and balance to my life. I am so grateful.

Mariela, Yoga Nidra relaxation – Hale

I had the most relaxed and easy Wednesday evening shift at work that I have ever experienced after your class! (Nidra Wednesday Mcr). I felt way more in sync with my surroundings than i normally do, and worked at a steady and relaxed pace without getting amped up or stressed! Thank you very much and see you soon.

Maria, Yoga Nidra relaxation – Manchester

Maryline went to great lengths to accommodate our hectic schedule and managed to arrange a class for us on the only day we were available. The birthing class itself was incredibly informative, practical and easy to get your head around. There was a perfect balance between learning about the physical process one goes through and the spiritual and practical techniques one can implement for support. Maryline even managed to keep my husband engaged throughout the 3 hours which is quite an achievement! We left the class feeling relaxed, well prepared and confident about the birthing process – all thanks to Maryline and her fab support.

Post-birth: She was born yesterday at 2:18pm! I honestly could not have got through it without all that you have taught me!! It really wasn’t easy, especially at the end things got complicated but throughout I kept getting told my breathing was perfect and I progressed the dilation fairly fast by doing everything we’ve practised. My husband kept reminding me to do lots of things you said that I’d forgotten about! I have so much to thank you for!

Rahkshan, Couple’s Birth Preparation Class and Pregnancy Yoga

Thank you so much for your classes over the last few months. I have enjoyed them so much and it has been great to have something in my diary to really look forward to, especially when I wasn’t quite able to make any other plans. Your classes are filled with kindness and warmth, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience them! I’m confident they have contributed to the improvement I’ve seen in myself over recent months.

Lisa, Restorative Yoga – Hale

My husband and are fit people in our early sixties. We love yoga but both have lapsed in practice due to knee problems etc. We go to the Restorative Yoga sessions with Maryline and it is such a relaxing and, as the session says, “restorative” time. We love going just to relax and be at peace, focusing on breathing and being ourselves in this hectic world. I would thoroughly recommend coming to these sessions, whether needing gentle stretches or just space in one’s head. A good session for all ages… we even brought along our very pregnant daughter in law!

Juliet, Restorative Yoga – Hale

I love attending this class with Maryline. It’s great for escaping the daily chores and having a good stretch and gentle exercise. Maryline takes time to nurture every individual in the class and ensure they have a relaxing session. It’s lovely to have close one to one time with the babies and there’s no pressure if the babies are not quite in the mood! The venue is easy to find and offers parking and a nice warm, spacious yet intimate setting – perfect for a relaxing morning with my little man! Highly recommended for any new mum.

Judith, Mum & Baby Yoga – Knutsford

George and I really enjoyed the classes led by Maryline. I found the sessions very relaxing and enjoyable and they seemed to ware George out, so that he would sleep when we got home! Would thoroughly recommend this class to mums and babies!

Vikki, Mum and Baby Yoga – Knutsford

I would strongly recommend this group to new mums. The class is well run and very friendly. It provides an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your baby and to do some gentle exercise for yourself. Maryline is a great teacher and tailors the class to try to relive any aches or pains that you are having. My little one loves it as he gets lots of attention and sensory stimulation from lots of eye contact, touch and singing. Lots of the moves/ songs can be repeated at home. It is also a good place to meet new mums.

Alison, Mum & Baby Yoga – Knutsford

I have been going to yoga for about 4 months now and it is fantastic. It is a chance for me to spend quality time with my baby, Mia without being distracted by household chores etc at home. The exercises are great for new mums, really gentle and give you a chance to focus on yourself. The songs and exercises for babies are great too, Mia really enjoys them. Maryline is a fantastic teacher and really helpful, tailoring stretches to individual needs if necessary. I could not recommend the class enough.

Victoria, Mum & Baby Yoga – Knutsford

This is an ideal class for mum and baby. It fits in with feeds, naps and play time. I’ve been taking my son for several months and he loves it. He even recognises some of the songs we sing and gets all excited at home. Overall it’s interactive, friendly and catered to your needs thanks to Maryline.

Louise, Mum & Baby Yoga – Knutsford

On Saturday I attended a nurturing postnatal yoga and Pilates workshop with Maryline. I haven’t attended a yoga class in 10 years but it really didn’t matter. It was just the chance to do some gentle stretching and well needed relaxing…As well as enjoying some peace and quiet. I strongly recommend the next workshop. Oh and it didn’t matter if you gave birth eight weeks ago or eight years ago! All mums welcome. Thank you Maryline.

Jemma, Postnatal & Fitness workshop – Knutsford

I absolutely loved it. It was nice to have all that time just to myself, and I felt so relaxed and positive afterwards. I put a oil diffuser on and had candle light only so created a lovely atmosphere to go with the lesson. I could hear you absolutely fine the whole way through and found your instructions super easy to follow. Really looking forward to the next session.

Lauren, Restorative Yoga – ONLINE, Knutsford

I have been going to classes run by Maryline for about 4 years.
Since that time, other than when I’ve been working away on holiday, I’ve attended weekly whenever they have been running. I have also been to a number of her Saturday workshops she has held.

The reason Maryline’s classes stand out to me is that she not only offers excellent physical yoga tuition, but she also teaches Restorative yoga which I absolutely love. The moment I start one of her classes I feel good, and when I leave I feel even better, both physically and mentally.

I’d also like to add that by doing things such as ordering equipment for students, Maryline goes out of her way to help people get the best out of her classes.

Sally, Restorative Yoga – ONLINE & In-person

We both thoroughly enjoyed the couples birth preparation class and Tim’s feedback was as follows:
He very much enjoyed that it was a practical and interactive session.
He felt the opportunity to try potential positioning options was very useful.
Also to try out the three massage techniques was really beneficial. (I obviously really enjoyed this part too!! 😂)
He felt the breathing techniques were particularly important and enjoyed this the most. With this, he has said he feels much more confident going into labour as a team with these tips. Lastly, he would really like to thank you again for the very informative, useful and thoughtful checklist, Tim loves it!
I felt the session was really empowering and I am really excited for our little one’s arrival, thanks to all your help.

Holly and Tim – Couples Birth Preparation Class, Knutsford

We really enjoyed the practical element of the class – having the opportunity to practice different positions in labour, massage techniques, small movements to try, how to use the yoga ball effectively and overall the importance of keeping as active as possible. It was really useful to receive the pack of information prior to the class so we could read up on various things and this helped it to make more sense when you went through it during the class. As a teacher, we felt you were really friendly and approachable and we were never worried about asking any silly questions, you certainly put us at ease! I know Dan particularly benefitted from all of the helpful tips and tricks to enable him to feel like a part of the birth and less like a spare part on the day. We also really appreciate you taking the time to send us all of the resources following the class and for your suggestions during.

Sophie & Dan, Online Birth Preparation – Hartford

Prior to starting yoga with you, I had discussed my mental health with my midwife and she had only offered medication. What I needed was a caring and supportive environment with other pregnant women and I found that in your classes. My mental health was much better once I was coming to classes. Thanks for being relentlessly positive and a source of endless useful information. You really go above and beyond whatcould be expected from a yoga teacher.

Summer 2021 Preganncy Yoga Student

Thank you for all your support and the amazing yoga classes, I’ve never been a big fan of yoga and your classes completely changed my opinion! It’s something I thoroughly enjoyed, even when feeling unwell I was always excited to attend.

Natalie – Pregnancy Yoga Knutsford

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