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Having a self-care routine is paramount these days. Whether it is to keep on top of your emotions, top up your energy levels or simply to enjoy simple pleasures of life the way they should be!

with the help of this page, I am hoping that you’ll give Meditation and Relaxation a go. Benefits are innumerable! Here are a few guided options to kick start your journey and learn to take time out when pregnant or as a new mum.

You will also find access to a guided relaxation in French by clicking this link, or in English by clicking this link.

For more audio practices, visit my Soundcloud channel.

22-min Pregnancy Relaxation – Trusting Yourself
This recording is suitable for any stage of Pregnancy, from early on right to the end! Perfect confidence booster and source for deep relaxation during the day, evening or night. Best practiced lying down on your left side with sufficient props as shown on the photo: cushions under the head, a thick pillow to prop your right leg or between your legs, so your knees are levelled with the hips. The theme for this relaxation is about ‘Trusting yourself’ and feeling at peace whilst pregnant. Enjoy!

Postnatal Relaxation with Legs Up
Take time out to recharge your batteries using the most efficient resting pose of the whole yoga repertoire!
In this short 10 minute-practice, you’ll be invited to watch your breath and emphasise on energising, letting go and harmonising both parts of the breath cycle. Note the recording is purposely short, for a rapid “pick me up” effect. If time allows it, stay in the posture an extra 10 minutes (20 minutes in total) setting an alarm to finish!
Comfort, warmth & being undisturbed will make this practice extra blissful. Consider using lots of padding (mat / blankets / cushiony surface) underneath your body, head and legs. This is set to practice without baby, however if little one is around you can sit or lie him/her on your belly and practice all the same. Enjoy!

Guided Meditation for Feed Time
Mums & Dads spend a long time feeding babies! Make use of your bottle or breast feeding time to practice mindful breathing and anchor yourself in the present moment. Carry on with your day or night feeling more centered and peaceful inside. This recording has a ‘Love Exchange’ theme, helping reinforce the bond with your baby. Make sure your posture is most comfortable. Use all available pillows and blankets, and some height below your feet if you’re sitting. Enjoy!

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