To read about Yoga, please consult the following links

Sivananda Yoga – The style I started with, spiritual and authentic, will always touch my heart. Click here to find out more.

Yogacampus – Who I trained with in Hatha Yoga in London back in 2006-2007. Click here to find out more

Yoga Nidra – The state of consciousness of deep relaxation. Online resource of relaxation practices by Uma Dinsmore-tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and colleagues. Click here to find out more

Jane Craggs / Svastha Yoga – Inspirational teaching and retreats in the pure yoga tradition. Click here to visit.

To support and inform you before and after childbirth on the web

Birthlight – my training organisation for Toddler Yoga and constant inspiration for clever and fun Mum & Baby practices. Click here to visit.

Womb Yoga – Thanks to a wonderful teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, I developed a passion for teaching Prenatal Yoga, and Mum & Baby classes. Click here to visit.

Birth Without Fear – Empowering, inspiring, tips and advice all about births. Click here to visit.

Spinning babies – Super interesting take on how foetal positioning impacts the good proceeding of childbirth. Click here to visit.

Juju Sundin’s Website – author of the famous Birth Skills book (my most recent revelation on teaching pain relief techniques), this Australian lady knows what advice to give and how to deliver a message so it stays. Click here to visit.

MyBump2Baby Family, Baby and Toddler Directory: local classes, recipes and articles all about family life. Click here to visit.

La Leche League – Reliable international Breastfeeding support organisation. Click here to visit.

Reading / DVD etc. list for Pregnancy & Post-natal Yoga students

Birth Skills by Juju Sundin – Proven pain-management techniques for your labour and birth.

Hypnobirthing – Practical Ways to make your Birth Better by Siobhan Miller – Summary of The Positive Birth Company’s online Hypnobirthing course. Also check their free birth preparation tutorials on u-Tube under ‘The Positive Birth Company’

Freya app – Virtual Birth assistant to help time your contractions and relax you during labour.

The Gentle Birth Method by Gowri Motha – Mental preparation, health tips for labour and birth, ayurvedic recipes, massage techniques, list of pregnancy discomforts in each trimester: understand them and treat them.  There’s more than one reason to read this book by reknown obstetrician and author Gowri Motha.

Mother’s breath by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (book) – Guide to yoga breathing, sound and awareness practices during pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. All Uma’s products are available on

Mother’s breath by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (cds) – Triple audio CD set to practice and polish your breathing and relaxation techniques.

Mother Nurture by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (dvd) – Lovely prenatal yoga for the transition to motherhood, include a Prenatal practice, Birth preparation for couples and Mum & Baby DVD. Bargain full of insight and relaxation about birth and beyond.

Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally by Janet Balaskas (book) – Wealth of information about birthing actively and naturally using own intuition and the many resources of the physical body.

Pregnancy Yoga Flow and Postnatal Recovery by Brigid Godwin (dvd) – This Dvd combines the flow of a traditional Vinyasa yoga class with gentle Hatha poses to create an uplifting and energising sequence. Inspired by the Birthlight school of Prenatal and Mum & Baby yoga. Includes a specific practice for Pelvic Girdle Pain and a sequence with baby too. Lovely for the unconditional yogi mummies out there!

Yoga for Mother and Baby by Francoise Barbira-Freedman (book)– Superb illustrations to complement your Mum & Baby yoga practice in classes and help you start practicing at home. The birthlight philosophy is second to none when it comes to putting the family bond first, and educate everyone (mums, dads, grandparents, carers or relatives) on how they can enhance baby’s well-being daily with simple movements and sequences. Great ideas on Yoga with your baby as he/she starts to crawl and walk. Suitable for little ones 0-3 years old. The massage techniques to help with newborns’ digestion are great too. Highly recommend.

What Mothers Do (especially when it looks like nothing) by Naomi Stadlen (book) – A wonderful account of the challenges of motherhood, perfect read as mental prep before baby comes or as mental comfort whilst you are right in the middle of the ‘no sleep / no time for you’ period.

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