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Hatha yoga

Improve your health, fitness and well-being!

Yoga takes care of your body and gives your mind a recharge.

You finally get the chance to tackle your back problem, sore joint, poor digestion etc… giving your whole system the care it deserves for a long and healthy life.

Feeling stressed or worn-out? In our classes you’ll get the chance to refresh your thoughts and look at your situation with a clearer and calmer mind. Hatha Yoga is a classic style of yoga incorporating postures, meditation and relaxation, all with the aim of harmonising the body and mind. The practice leaves you feel stronger and more balanced.

Sports yoga

Growing up Maryline practiced several sports competitively, from an early age. With cross-country skiing, running and later on triathlon, she learnt the qualities of resilience and will-power, the benefits of discipline, regular training and a healthy lifestyle. Stretching and mental preparation were also a key to her performances.

Drawing from those experiences, Maryline is available for one-to-one yoga sessions to help you strengthen, relax and be mentally strong when committed to your sport. She works with professionals and amateurs. Contact her to discuss your needs.

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