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What is pregnancy Yoga?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have been pregnant before, Pregnancy Yoga is here to help you live your pregnancy the best possible way, preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the birth of your baby/babies.

Pregnancy Yoga classes create a space for the expecting Mum to feel nurtured and rested through a variety of easy exercises, tailored for her exclusive needs.

Pregnancy Yoga is also a time to socialise with other pregnant ladies, share tips & support each other in this most vital time of your life.

Everyone can practice with confidence and comfort as classes are adapted to the specific needs of the student(s) that day. Modifications are offered according to stages of pregnancy, flexibility & strength.

You will learn tools useful for a lifetime of caring and loving, know how to relax, restore and centre yourself too.

Benefits of the practices

There are 100’s! some have been refered to in the testimonials.

Amongst others, Pregnancy Yoga has proven to improve:

  • Sleep – Many tips are given about how to get comfortable at night
  • Posture – Improve alignment and better breathing
  • Blood circulation – To you and baby/babies
  • Inner strength – Prepare to be a Mum with your the Heart and Soul
  • Digestion – Relieve heartburn and constipation
  • Energy levels and vitality
  • Body stretch and tone
  • Calm and relaxation

Various Breathing techniques are taught for different stages of labour – offering aid for pain relief and focus during labour and birthing.

Dads welcome

Dads are welcome to join during special birth preparation sessions where they’ll learn to be a useful support during labour.

The session usually takes place with 2-4 other couples and you sometimes even get to meet previous students who share their experiences of working with their partner and using Yoga during labour.

A fun experience for both of you on this exciting journey towards parenthood! See our Classes and Testimonials pages for more information.

Guidelines for Pregnancy Yoga

  • No previous Yoga experience is necessary
  • Classes are suitable from 14 weeks onwards right until your due date
  • You are entitled to time off work for all your ante natal care, enquire with your employer and make the most of your right!
  • A few sessions will help boost your confidence towards labour, relieve anxiety and help with sleep disturbances

In the class

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Move slowly and gently
  • Rest whenever you need to
  • Learn to breathe fully, slowly and exhale completely
  • Use the supports provided, blocks, pillows, balls, blankets…
  • Don’t over stretch, don’t try anything at home or in a class, you aren’t comfortable with
  • Don’t twist your body deeply
  • Allow space for your bump at all times
  • Don’t lie on your front
  • Don’t lie on your back with straight legs after 30 weeks; it can affect blood return from the legs due to the weight of the bump
  • Approach your teacher if you have any concerns or queries
  • Relax, listen to your body, your baby and enjoy!

See our Classes page to register.

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