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I studied and taught yoga in Canada between 2013 and 2015, when I discovered the benefits of Restorative Yoga. My restorative yoga style is grounding and nourishing. It complements well Pre and Postnatal yoga classes and is a great companion to anyone looking to balance action and rest or manage anxiety.

Here and Now

I’ve settled to live in Cheshire again around 6 years ago and that’s where you’ll find most of my weekly Pregnancy Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga and Restorative yoga classes. I also offer one-to-one classes in Knutsford and Hale areas, and classes in Manchester city centre.

I have experience teaching professional athletes & their families, mums and daughters, couples, people in need of a challenging yoga practice and those with a busy working life in need of a good stretch and chill-out. I also love to help beginners discover the awesome benefits of Yoga.


I aim to help people strengthen their mind and body from the inside out: through a combination of posture work, breath awareness and meditation. I am grateful to and inspired by Jane Craggs, Norman Blair, Rod Stryker, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli, Roger Cole, Judith Lasater, Adelene Chong and the Mohan family. A forever student of Yoga, I am currently following the teachings of my Canadian mentor & instructor Barrie Risman.

At home my practice is a mix of dynamic and slow styles, I particularly love inversions, long-held postures and daily meditation.

I am part of a mentoring program with Yogacampus, offering support and guidance to students undergoing teacher training. I provide online resources for relaxation and meditation. (See the ‘audio recordings’ section.)
Helping students help themselves at home was a long-term project; I believe that audio meditation and guided relaxation are wonderful tools to learn to calm a racing mind and shift emotions.

I offer recordings on Soundcloud, they are tailored for pregnancy, new mums, and anyone wishing to learn to take time out and have a good time in stillness! I also offer practices in French.

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